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J. Fuego Insider

Jesus Fuego 777 Triple Siete – Cigar Review

Very finely made maduro cigar. The wrapper is very dark and has very minimal flaws. It’s not as thick as I expected but it is wrapped tight and there are only a few small veins. The pack is very good, firm but not too tight. The band is very plain and reminds me of the GAR. All in all its a simple but eye catching cigar. The wrapper is emitting a very strong charred wood smell but the foot reveals a hint of sweetness. After a very small slice the draw is just perfect.

IPCPR 2011: J. Fuego

When people asked what I was liking at the show, it was a short list. At the top of said list… Sangre de Toro Originals. Many times when you take an idea that sounds great on paper and turn it into reality, it fails. This is from the case. The Original size of the Sangre de Toro is unbelievably good, everything you could have wanted wanted and more. It is an absolute flavor bomb and one of the only cigars that was able to really stand out by Day Two of the trade show. These are shipping now and a must for post-IPCPR purchases.

Seattle Cigar Expo this Saturday!

One other noteworthy cigar that I smoked over the weekend was the J Fuego Originals series - I was over at Rain City last week and I picked up a 5-pack of the Sangre de Toro Originals. I was going to buy the original Originals, but the gal that works there kind of talked me into trying the new stuff. She said the Sangre were sweeter? OK, I'll bite... What did I think? Ugly little cigars, but they smoked exceptionally well. I liked 'em! Talk about a ton of smoke. Holy Cow, these are smoke-bombs! Delicious though.I thought because of their size that they'd only last for a half hour or so, but I clocked it the other day and it took me an hour to finish. Nice, very nice cigar! Definitely one of my favorite now.

Cigar Review – J. Fuego Delirium

The Delirium has a good draw that produces a good amount of smoke. The burn on the Delirium was slightly uneven which can be attributed to the sheer amount of oils on the wrapper. The ash was solid and compact and had no flowering of flaking.

Cigar Review: J. Fuego Sangre de Toro

"The first thing that struck me was just how oily this wrapper was. It shone in the light and I could feel it under my fingertips. When I held it to my nose, I got notes of leather and earth along with something sweet, but hard to define. On the foot, that sweetness was more chocolatey, but I also got more earthiness there."

News: J. Fuego 777 Corojo “Paka”

"“Paka” means “smoke” in Hawaii and it will be the name of a new limited edition made for Tamura’s Fine Wine & Liquor in Hawaii. Fuego recently visited Hawaii with Pete Johnson and I imagine that had something to do with this coming about. It’s a modified 777 Corojo blend, with a bit more spice. Cigar is short with a pigtail and a closed foot.Details and picture after the jump, Tamura’s is one of Quesada’s España retailers in the U.S., just saying…" — el niño diablo.


"Thanks to the generosity of Jesus Fuego, this week I bring you a pre-release review of the brand new J. Fuego Sangre de Toro. With a name like Sangre de Toro (which translates to “Bull’s Blood”) and the bright red lettering that looks like it could have been slashed into the band by a blade, I had the feeling that the name was a reference bull fighting. But in truth, it has a less romantic and more practical meaning."


Los Angeles, September 24, 2010 – Cigar hounds need no introduction to Jesus Fuego, the power behind Tabacos, S.A., maker and distributor of the 777 and J.Fuego brands produced in Nicaragua and Honduras, respectively.

J. Fuego Origen Originals

Packaging has long been an important part of the cigar experience. According to The Cigar Companion, cigars were "originally sold in bundles covered with pigs' bladders (with a pod or two of vanilla to improve the smell)." My first thought upon reading this was to wonder if there is anything that pigs can't do.

Cigar Review: J. Fuego Delirium Robusto

"If you pay attention to the cigar news at all or read this site you've probably heard of the Xikar Defiance. Jesus Fuego is the man behind that cigar, and the J. Fuego Cigars are his own line."

J. Fuego Gran Reserva Corojo No. 1

The Gran Reserva Corojo No.1 has a filler that is actually composed of ligero from Nicaragua, Honduras, and Viso from a location that is unknown (it’s a secret?). The binder on the J. Fuego No. 1 is from Costa Rica and the beautiful wrapper is a Sun Grown Honduran Corojo.

IPCPR 2014: J. Fuego

Jesus Fuego had an interesting story behind the new look for his booth — he and his team found themselves with some downtime over the winter and decided to make their own booth from salvaged wood and a ton of photos ranging from him in the tobacco fields as a young child to recent fishing trips with him proudly displaying a big catch.

Halfwheel Review: Sangre de Toro

“The cigar starts off with a strong sweetness, flavors of wood and chocolate, with a bit of leather thrown in. It was not a pepper bomb by any means, but there was some nice spice on the tongue that stayed around for pretty much the whole smoke.”

Blind Man’s Puff Review: Sangre de Toro Original

“This was an impressive little cigar. Very flavorful from beginning to end with pockets of surprises, such as butterscotch and raisin.”

Blind Man’s Puff Review: Americana (Toro)

“The middle third was the flavor star of this cigar. I just wanted to close my eyes and keep smoking. The rich flavors started strong and transitioned nicely without a lot of others to the blend. I would gladly smoke this again and often.”

Blind Man’s Puff Review: Heat (Robusto)

“Sweet Pepin-like is present nearly immediately; tangy sweet citrus with a nutmeg and cinnamon core. There is a noticeable nuttiness.”

The Average Joe’s Cigar Review: Americana (Toro)

“The J. Fuego Americana Toro is a well-constructed cigar with a smooth draw that produces plenty of thick, heavy smoke. The aroma and flavors develop in intensity, delivering very rich and full characters.”